Driving Lessons

Introductory Lessons: The first 3 hours for only £85.00 (special offer)
An introductory offer for complete beginners only.

Hourly Lessons: Each lesson is charged by the hour at just £32.00

Block Bookings:
# 10 lessons paid in advance – £305.00 (save £15.00)
# 20 lessons paid in advance – £610.00 (save £30.00)
# 30 lessons paid in advance – £915.00 (save £45.00)

Pass Plus:
How do you get the car you want and pay a lower premium?
The answer is Pass Plus – backed by insurance companies, Central Government and the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency.

What is Pass Plus:
There is no substitute for driving experience but professional training can help speed up those skills. This way you can experience different driving situations under supervision. The idea of this course is to develop the driving skills that you already have to help make you a more safe and positive driver. Let me help you build your confidence in driving and in turn you could get a discount off your motor insurance. The Pass Plus Syllabus consists of the following six parts.

* Town driving
* All weather driving
* Out of town driving/rural roads
* Night driving
* Dual carriageway driving
* Motorway driving

Book Driving Lessons:

Mobile:07958 536917