Once you have passed your theory test and your driving is up to test standard, then you are ready to book your practical test.

You must take your driving licence or your test will not go ahead and you will lose your fee.

The driving test will begin with an eyesight check. You must be able to read a number plate from 20.5 metres away.
You will then be asked two vehicle safety questions, commonly known as the show me, tell me questions. For a list of the questions click on show me, tell me questions.

The test will last for around 40 minutes and involve driving on different types of roads and in traffic conditions.
You will have to complete one reverse manoeuvre and possibly an emergency stop.

The three manoeuvres.

Driving into a bay and reversing out or reversing into a bay and driving out.
Parallel park.
Pulling over onto the right hand side of the road, reversing in a straight line for two car lengths and then rejoining the left hand side of the road.

During the test, You will be asked to drive independently for about 20 minutes.
Four out of five tests will follow a sat nav. This will be supplied by the examiner. You will not have to set it up. Feel free to ask the examiner for clarification.
One in five test will involve you following signs, a series of directions or possibly a combination of both. If you do not understand the series of directions, the examiner may show you a diagram to clarify them.

You will be given your test result almost immediately after you turn the engine off.
You will pass your test providing you do not make more than 15 driving faults and do not make a serious or dangerous fault.

A driving fault is not dangerous, but continuing to make the same fault throughout the test may result in a serious fault.
A serious fault is potentially dangerous.
A dangerous fault involves any danger to yourself, the general public, the examiner or any property.

For a current list of driving test fees follow the link. Test fees


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